MFCO Clean Stay

MFCO Clean Stay

This programme is called “MFCO Clean Stay”

The programme will be “…a rigorous system that incorporates trusted know-how and scientific approach to cleaning practices and product offerings. Experts from our team will advise and assist in enhancing MFCO’s cleaning protocols”.

The goal of the programme is “to provide guests with assurance and peace of mind when they stay at any of properties clean by MFCO. The initiative will create a focus on cleanliness that will be visible to guests throughout their entire stay. however, that “ MFCO standards under consideration” include:

A room seal. This will add “an extra measure of assurance by placing a room seal on doors to indicate to guests that their room has not been accessed since being thoroughly cleaned.”

• Extra cleaning of high touch areas. This includes light switches, door handles, TV remotes and thermostats.

• The removal of paper amenities and pens including the guest directory.

• Increasing the frequency of cleaning all areas.

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