Facility management

Facility management
We understand that one of your biggest investments is the facility you own. To that end, our Facility Management Services provides comprehensive solutions for maintaining and preserving your physical assets. This service provides management and operation, in addition to corrective and preventive maintenance work for residential compounds as well as commercial and industrial facilities. The services pride itself on boasting of the knowledge and expertise, processes and technologies needed to deliver a comprehensive and integrated facility management solution.

Service we offered

• General Management Services.
• Computer-Aided Facilities Management.
• Hospitality management.
• Technology Assessments.
• Operational Support Services.
• Leadership and Security System.
• Facility Condition Assessments.
• Real Property Inventory (RPI).
• Technical Support Services.
• Waste Management.
• Emergency management.
• Parking and Logistic Services.
• Energy management
    Waste Management Office management Computer Aided Management System Chain & Supply Management
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