Properties Contract Housekeeping.

Properties Contract housekeeping commits to deliver a reliable and consistently efficient service. All staff members are legally sponsored, well housed, neatly uniformed, insured, medically well cared for and are transported promptly to their work sites in company buses. Because Cleaning Services is one of our core competencies, we constantly develop new methods, tools, and materials to further improve our service. We maintain the highest management of cleaning staff ratios in the market and based on our Global experiences work with cleaning processes and shared best practices to continuously improve our service.

Our Services included:

• General House Keeping
• Homes, Office, and Retail Cleaning
• Deep cleaning
• Back of house and special use areas cleaning
• Washrooms, pantries and storage rooms cleaning
• Internal glass cleaning
• Infrastructures, roads, grounds, parks, and paths cleaning
• Pools, fountains and water features
• Marble polishing and restoration
• Carpet and furniture cleaning

MFCO offers properties contract cleaning the following terms:

• Cleaning services contract
• Maid service agreement
• Janitorial service agreement
• Custodian agreement
• Office cleaning contract
• Housekeeping agreement
• Residential cleaning services contract
• Janitorial services contract

Properties contract housekeeping can expect the following services:

• Cleaning tables, cupboards, shelving units, and desks
• Putting out the trash, vacuuming floors, and cleaning bathrooms
• Mopping up any spills

Advantages of MFCO’s Housekeeping Contract:

• Management: MFCO manages your cleaning program and the cleaning staff, leaving you more time to do other work. Cleaning staff training and performance evaluations are primarily handled by MFCO. You may have to continue to provide training on building safety and procedures, but the majority of training will be off your plate.
• Expertise: MFCO can often do a better job of cleaning, having more technical knowledge and being in better touch with innovations and best practices
• Savings: Savings on supplies can be realized when MFCO has more buying power to provide preferred pricing on supplies. As well, MFCO can manage the supplies inventory and replenishment for you.
• Quality Assurance: MFCO typically provides Q.A. programs. These programs give you regular reporting on the buildings cleaning standards and performance, ensuring the quality of your cleaning program.
• Cost Savings: Substantial savings are found when your organization no longer has to pay employee expenses such as benefits and insurance. The cost of training and staff turn-over is also covered by MFCO.

Getting a proposal from MFCO will show you the best fit for your company.

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