Manpower Supply

Manpower Supply

Industrial Sector

Skills & Nos skills Manpower

We provide highly qualified professionals and skilled laborers to support the best top, middle and lower level workforce in a short, medium and long-term basis. We are the licensed agency to provide workforce in our sponsorship to reduce the worries of our customers about compensation, insurance, labors law and accommodation of their employees. Thanks to our unflinching commitment to the best interests of the businesses and job seekers. We provide exclusive and qualified workforce for all sectors like Oil and Gas, Mechanical Construction, Civil Construction, Power and Desalination Plant.
• Operation Staff
• Maintenance Staff (Mechanical Fitters, Riggers, Electricians, Technicians and helpers)
• Construction Staff (Steel Erectors, Riggers, Pipe Fitters, Mechanics, Electricians, Welders, and helpers)
• Safety Staff
• Quality Staff

Key of Difference

• Knowledge of what it takes to install and commission all types of industrial plants
• A process-driven organization.
• Access to an international pool of competent personnel with capability on all types of Industrial plant equipment from our database.
• Compliant with local regulations
• In-house assessment process for competency & leadership (Psychometric Testing)

Commercial Sector

Support Services workforce

MFCO provides support staff to several leading organizations for their factories, warehouses, and showrooms, placing a high importance on health and safety issues. We ensure that our tea boys, loaders, packers, drivers, and forklift operators are well briefed for the job, fully insured and legally sponsored. Outside of the workplace, complete care is taken of their housing conditions and transportation. We ensure that all our staff is promptly paid at the end of each month, in total compliance with the Ministry of Labor codes. As a result, we enjoy a reputation of being the most reliable and dependable contractor, time-tested by customer loyalty and employee retention ratios. Our client list includes the most respected and demanding organizations in the Kingdom.
• Production Line Support Staff
• Industrial Clean-down operations
• Building & Offices staff (General helpers, Waiters/Waitresses, Food Handlers, Housekeepers, Stewards, Commis Chef, Office Boys, etc).
MFCO solves the issues of companies that they do not spend a lot of their time in hiring and recruiting the worker. We provide infrastructure and construction companies with the required workers. Not only this, we help them with the following benefits:
1. Low cost: For a construction company it becomes easy if all the work related to the HR department and training department is done by a third party. Therefore, we do all the tasks from testing, screening and background investigation. This helps companies to save a lot of money on hiring procedures.
2. Need-Based Contracts: A company can need the workers for a long-term or a short-term period. Moreover, Manpower Supply Company is fulfilling this need. We provide them with the required workforce according to their contact.
3. Saves Time: As we do all the tasks related to the HR department for different companies that we are indulged with, it saves a lot of their time so that they can focus more on their core work.
4. Network: A company need not post an advertisement to hire particularly skilled manpower. We have a larger network of skilled workers and that too for different tasks that makes it easier for a construction company to rely on us for the skilled workforce according to their requirement.
    Support Services Manpower Technical & Non-technical Manpower Operation Staff Maintenance Staff
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